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Owners & Facility Managers

MySmartPlans delivers the level of service and organization required by owners and facility mangers by:

1. Driving Accountability

2. Providing Complete Transparency

3. Recording and Archiving Projects

4. Ensuring Comprehensive Closeouts

5. Bridge the Gap Between Owners and Construction

“Not only are we saving the University hundreds of thousands of reproduction dollars, we are making the as-builts and O&M manuals immediately available to our maintenance staff and laid out in a way that is easy to navigate. Our maintenance staff is thrilled with how user-friendly the information is accessed as well as available.” - Greg Silkman: DBIA, Manager Facilities Planning & Construction, University of Missouri-Kansas City

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General & Sub Contractor

MySmartPlans can be used to distribute all your critical bid documentation and monitor who has received information and who has not. MySmartPlans can document all your bid questions and answers to ensure accountability among your team members. MySmartPlans is your single source to:

1. Quickly view linked plans

2. Search specs

3. Review project documents

“After the first week of using MySmartPlans, I thought, ‘Well, this is cool.’ After a few months, I was thinking, ‘How did we ever do construction without this?’” - Ben Strobl Senior Project Manager, JE Dunn Construction Co.

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Architect & Engineer

The Nations leading engineer, architecture, design and planning firms use MySmartPlans each day to more effectively manage client projects large and small.

1. Submittals

2. Plans and Specifications

3. RFIs and Photographs

4. Team Logs, Contact Information, Equipment Specifications

“Technology has made promises over the years that someday we would all be paperless and all electronic, but there has been a missing link in sharing information between groups. MySmartPlans is the medium that fills that gap.” - Rick Thompson: Architect, Gould Evans