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How Much Are Your Services?

Each program/project is a little different, so we'll need some details in order to provide you with a thorough quote.

Why MySmartPlans?

We believe that our Project Information Managers bring something totally new and innovative to the market, and our clients agree. Couple that team with our fast, easy to use software and you've got a match made in project management heaven!

What Are The Qualifications Of Your PIMs?

Think Project Controls Specialists. We aren't licensed architects or engineers, but our staff have spent years of their career deciphering and organizing the information that drives your projects.

Can MySmartPlans Interface With Other Software Packages On My Project?

Of course we can! We'll need some additional information on exactly the system in question, but we haven't seen a system yet that we can't build a bridge to.

What About My Accounting System?

We have full cost management integrated into our platform - we'd love to provide some additional details via a webinar!


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