Does your struggle with construction management software often come from daily upkeep or utilization of the system? When outdated information is all that lives in your software, it’s only a matter of time before users stop paying attention, or mistakes are made. So, let us do the work! Our Project Information Managers do all the work of document management for you, so you can spend more time managing your projects and less time managing paper.


Construction is important, and maintaining completed projects for the foreseeable future is equally important. MySmartPlans allows users to ensure that all transferred data will become available to maintenance staff the day construction is completed. With our Smart Rooms, all project owners feel at peace that their staff have the information they’ll need at the touch of a button.


MySmartPlans is built to morph with each new phase of your projects. Whether brought on in pre-con or construction, we build out a customized dashboards that makes perfect sense for your project’s needs.

All your project information is within one click of a user-friendly icon. No off-the-shelf system compares with the power of MySmartPlans. Each instance of the MySmartPlans software is unique. It brings together project information from all participants into a single, collaborative virtual workroom - tracking changes, verifying requirements and keeping plans up to date. How do we accomplish this? By using best-in-class technology and trusted Project Information Managers.


The Role Of Your PIM

Every MySmartPlans project comes with a dedicated Project Information Manager (PIM). Your PIM will become a vital member of your team and take the burden of information management off your staff’s shoulders. The PIM is at the intersection of all information and communication, adding clarity, format, organization and optimization necessary to make it easy for everyone.

Quick Set-Up

Your Project Information Manager sets up and makes changes to the project dashboard, manages and populates all information, and provides technical support and training.

Process Experts

Each PIM is an expert in project information management, electronic documents and files. This ensures disciplined processes are enforced and that information is complete and accurate.


Need your closeout documents? Have them today, not next year. Your PIM can help make that happen – including punch listing, O&M and warranty data and full integration into your facilities management system.