With our top priorities being ease of use and new levels of efficiency for our clients, MySmartPlans is a truly effective and wholistic solution to the needs of the construction market. We provide an intuitive and easy to utilize platform, along with a team of Project Information Managers to bring our software as a service platform full circle. No more worrying about whether your information is current and accurate – let us handle that for you. 


With drawing review tools and placeholders for every type of document imaginable, MySmartPlans truly excels in making the pre-con phase of your project totally transparent and incredibly efficient. Host all of your bid documents, track bidder activity and run all pre-bid RFI’s electronically through our incredibly easy to utilize workflow management systems.


Our priority is Project Closeout from day one of engagement. Understanding that transfer of knowledge is incredibly valuable, we’ve built our processes in a way that allow projects owners and stakeholders to rest assured in the fact that their closeout documents will be accessible and transferrable immediately upon request. With built out Smart Rooms, our closeout module truly takes facility management to the next level, allowing staff to integrate QR codes and dynamic floor plans and photographs to their processes.


When data flow really gets heavy, let our staff of Project Information Managers step in to do the heavy lifting. We take on the burden of keeping your documents current, running frequent audits for missing or incomplete information and training new users on behalf of our clients. All of your workflows are electronically routed and tracked, including RFI’s, Submittals, ASI’s and any other document you need transmitted in a paperless and transparent manner. Daily reports are created in our system, allowing for real time, on-the-job reporting capability

Meet The Executives


Shelley Armato

Shelley Armato is the president and CEO of Marathon Digital Services, spearheading the introduction of MySmartPlans’ revolutionary technology into construction sites around the world. As a dynamic speaker, Shelley is passionate about overcoming any obstacle to encourage invocation and personal accountability. She has a great appreciation for seeking the truth and disrupting the status quo, giving strength and power to those around her. Shelley is an ardent supporter of City Union Mission and was named a member of the 2009 team of ‘Women Who Mean Business’ by the Kansas City Business Journal, received the Rule Breaker Award in 2015 from New York Rule Breakers and most recently, the Business of the Year Award in 2017 from Kansas Women-Owned Businesses. Shelley is an action-oriented, encouraging and passionate advocate for her business, her family, and her community.



Dominick Armato

At MySmartPlans, our goal is to transform the construction process with unique applicable software. As Vice President I use my 39+years experience as an entrepreneur in the construction and design industry to advocate for increased transparency, efficiency and cost-savings in the construction process. 

Vice President


James Johnston

 James is a skilled software developer with experience in writing clear and concise code in many languages across multiple platforms. He has his Bachelor of Science from Southeast Missouri State University in Computer Science, with a minor in Physics. After graduating, he moved to Kansas City and started working for Marathon Digital Services as a Project Information Manager. Today, he manages their Development Department. James has a proven track record for success and helping everyone around him excel.