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STEP 1: The MySmartPlans Project Information Managers (PIM) meet with your project deliver team to both understand the details of your project, and customize the dashboard. Key team members are identified in order to define where construction documents will come from, and what we should be expecting with said documents. Security protocols are put into place to make sure your information is safe and accessible only to those who need it. Key Third Party systems will be identified, and procedures for integration will be put into place.

STEP 2: Your PIM team reviews the dashboard with project leaders and makes any needed adjustments, so we can quickly stand up your dashboard to your team’s exact specifications. MySmartPlans provides system training, tech support, plan holders lists, sitemap info and interfaces to any third-party products. Procedures are put into place to ensure that all data being gathered by our team is kept and stored properly, ensuring it makes it’s way directly onto your closeout at the end of the project.

STEP 3: PIMs work directly with project managers and key team personnel to ensure information is accurate and complete, and to capture any missing or incomplete data. Should any documentation be incomplete or lacking, your PIM will pursue the source of the information for an accurate revision. Files are enhanced to improve viewing and navigation, compressed for optimal size, made fully searchable and OCR compliant, and bookmarked.