MySmartPlans brings project closeout into the modern era with easy to utilize Project Closeouts, created at the end of your projects. These allow for quick and easy access to all mission critical data such as O&M’s,Warranties, training videos, progress photos, As-Builts and much more.


With MySmartPlans you can rest assured that we’re thinking project closeout from day one of our involvement on your project. We’re assuring that all data is being housed in easy to retrieve, archived locations so that once your project wraps up we can quickly turn over all of that data to you in an intuitive and searchable forma t. We build out custom Smart Rooms that will truly allow your facilities team to get the ball rolling on any potential issues found after construction is completed.

Curious what might be missing from your closeout documents? Our users have been there, and we are happy to help time and time again. Check out what you might be needing by joining us for a quick, free webinar where we’ll help you analyze your process and figure out where the holes might be - obligation free!