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Self-Sustaining Construction Software with MySmartPlans

As someone, somewhere once said, “With great software comes great responsibility”. It’s our assumption that the responsibility this philosopher was referring to is the dreaded, seemingly unavoidable task of data entry. For years data entry has been associated with a dark corner of the office and low-level job titles – but not anymore. What if you could retrieve data in an organized fashion without ever having to spend the time to wrangle up and input your data? Modern problems require modern solutions, and MySmartPlans is showing the construction industry that there’s an entirely new way of capturing and accessing information during their projects.

                So just how modern is our solution? At MySmartPlans we make a bold claim in the form of an “80% reduction in data entry”, but it’s a very real figure. Our Project Information Managers handle everything ranging from document processing and upload, 99.9% accurate document interlinking, platform customization and Closeout Document collection – so our 11 to 1 ROI is much more than just a cost savings, it’s a total shift in the time you have available in the day to manage your projects. Imagine a project where you can access current, vetted and interlinked data without ever having to do any of the tedious work yourself – that’s the world our clients live in.

                Our tool belt ranges in everything from collaborative drawing mark-ups, single point of access project dashboards for your entire project delivery team and integration capabilities into the most common construction tools in the market. Once your projects reach substantial completion, we put on our closeout hats and get to work ensuring that your maintenance teams will have every piece of O&M and As-Built data they could ever need.

                Stop worrying about what your team will have to do to accommodate software systems, and let MySmartPlans be the ones to take on the tedious work.

Smart Program Management Software

The construction industry is a lot different than it used to be.

People think of construction as a very physical field – with hands-on workers installing physical steel, wood and other structures and manual labor on site doing the necessary construction and cleanup. After all, buildings are physical constructs – but that doesn’t mean that the process can’t be well served by digital technologies!

Today’s construction industry benefits from a robust digital planning architecture.

Computers are important in today's construction world. Program management software reduces costs, speeds up projects and creates efficiencies. It streamlines tracking, improves documentation and record keeping, and helps all parties to benefit from better workflows.

MySmartPlans and Excellent PM Software

At MySmartPlans, our software helps construction companies succeed by dramatically reducing the need for data entry. With our mobile systems, all of the stakeholders are on the same page all the time, with data visualization that bypasses the need for clipboards full of paper, confusion over details and a whole lot of paperwork. By streamlining processes and making them more transparent, we give a client company the competitive edge that leads to winning bids, achieving more on a timeline, and enjoying better accounting outcomes.

All Sorts of Features

One of the reasons that companies are so invested in program management software is that these software products offer so much utility, and so many different kinds of assistance, to construction firms.

From job site security to supply chain tracking, a whole suite of enterprise software directs and automates construction activity. That's one of the reasons you see buildings being built so quickly. The guesswork is taken out of the process and firms create more solid timelines, direct a workforce more efficiently, and save time and money.

We eliminate data silos and provide a user-friendly intuitive interface for program management software that works. Our customers understand how these types of software save them not only man-hours, but also reduce liability and risk. Program management software helps to refine the supply chain process – so that stakeholders know where materials are. They help manage labor processes – to improve safety and efficiency for construction workers. They help to show the progress of a project through each stage of its development and implementation.

There are things you can't control in construction – like the weather – but there are things that you can control and optimize through the use of innovative program management software. Take a look at what MySmartPlans has to offer and how our project information managers set up software for punch listing, O and M operations and more, integrating the data that's needed to expedite and enhance the construction project. Let us demo the features that will put your construction business on the fast track to growth and expansion – and long term success.