Our clients are used to seeing an 11 to 1 return on their investment with MySmartPlans - are you ready for that kind of cost savings? With our software and our Project Information Managers, you will have the fuel you need to improve project transparency and accountability, drive faster and more educated decision making, and deliver your projects on time and under budget.


The true secret to MySmartPlans extreme efficiency lies with our staff of Project Information Managers. These are real staff members in our office that handle day to day data entry and project upkeep tasks, so your team can spend more time truly managing your project instead of managing your information. We can’t spill that beans on every aspect of our staff’s abilities on our website, so click the button below to schedule a demonstration and learn more about our staff’s qualifications and what they’ll bring to your projects.


Software can create information silos, so we’ve taken steps to avoid that. MySmartPlans will communicate in both directions with the software being utilized on your projects. Whether that be your General Contractor’s system, Architect’s system or your own accounting software, we’ll build the bridges necessary to keep everyone up to date in real time. Once construction wraps, all of the data inside of MySmartPlans can be effortlessly imported into your facilities management program.


Easily delegate tasks to your team members with our workflow management processes. Processing RFI’s and Submittals is easier than ever, with full reporting capabilities built in for easy customization of your reports and logs. This functionality extends to the field, with the ability to produce and store progress reports and other types of reports that your project managers need to track and measure the success of your projects. Integrate these tools on your projects to allow your team to remain hyper-focused on budget, schedule and delivery.


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